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Ok Peach is just a nick name... I loved the catchiness of it, sounds a little like a secret agent from some kind of graphic novel.   My name is Samantha Portman and I live in Brighton and London (Lucky me). London and Brighton Id say are my two big loves in life, along with my Son Phoenix, my large close family, 90's films and polaroid film.

I have studied or worked within photography most of my life and I started my wedding photography business in 2019.   You can see my branding business here and my portrait business here.  So you can see photography really is my life .  Although fun fact I used to be a celebrity make-up artist and some times I still work for several long standing clients.  What can I say there are some things that become part of you.

I love the outdoors and can always be found at a random day festival for books, art, or nature.  I love making things and painting,  I am quite a spiritual person and meditate when I can, and find real peach taking a long walk on one of Brightons many beaches.


I'm Peach, a documentary wedding photographer in London

I began as a celebrity makeup artist, along the way I fell in love with the process of making an iconic image. Image making has been a life long love and Journey.

I have studied at The London School of Publishing,  The Royal Photographic Society and The London College Of Fashion .  And I have loved every minute.

After 17 years of working in the film industry I found wedding photography and have never looked back. Documenting your day is a more than just shooting a wedding. I want to tell your story, I show every detail. Being from a media and fashion background is very useful to create editorial style images. I love to combine editorial with documentary. The documentary part is where I observe in an unobtrusive way capturing every detail.

I am inspired not just by other photographers but all great fashion designers and film directors.   

For me your photos are to transport you back in time. They evoke the emotions you felt for the day and for your loved ones.

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I have a HUGE polaroid collection
My house is covered in them.....

i love old video tapes played on vintage vhs players.  Classic old films directors such as Kubrick, Lynch, Speilberg.

My parents owned a video shop and I literally grew up in a video store. I watched many many films from a super young age.  I saw every reference in life to a great film.

I adore cinematography, light and composition.

When I am not re watching classic old films I am walking on the beach with my son Phoenix.  We love the outdoors and try to travel as much as possible.

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vintage vhs and polaroid


Your invisible best friend / How I shoot your day 

I will be super early to your wedding.  Make sure everyone is feeling happy and at ease.

I will quietly shoot all the details and then move onto the big day.  I like to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I will how ever take control when needed to organise those group shots for mum and dad,

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making your day stress free


" Sam made us feel comfortable right from the beginning, the whole process was enjoyable and stress free.  We love our photos.  We cant recommend her enough."

Jan. 08 2022

Jay & Alex


See Jay and Alex's Wedding Here 

"We are very very happy with out photo's!"

april 31, 2021

Lucy & Josh


Kind Words from my couples

Sam is an amazing person, I wanted her to be my best friend!  She helped keep me calm, even helping with one of the suppliers on the day.  We love our photos an film.  She captured images that are so important to us.  We would highly recommend her. "

july, 23, 2022

Sam & Natasha