Town Hall hotel weddings


What I love About The Town Hall Hotel 

The Town Hall Hotel Wedding Inspo

The Town Hall Hotel, in Bethnal Green, Hackney London is a stunning backdrop to any wedding.  With its art deco features and quirky eccentric English finishing touches.  (The life size carpet bear is a must see).  As a photographer its so nice to work in a venue where every part is stunning even the bedrooms.  The staff are so helpful and informed.  The dining experience is that of any fine restaurant.  Its an all round amazing venue .  I highly recommend this venue

This Bethanl Green hotel attracts a wide variety of clientele.  Take a look at my gallery below.  If youd like to see one of my featured weddings I have shot at The Town Hall Hotel, so click below to seee the truly lovely Natasha and Sam's super stylish affair.

Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer for The Town Hall Hotel London is without doubt one of my favourite assignments. 
The light in the Bethal room (the main dining room area) is fantastic with large open windows pouring in light.  Which is not always the case with a dining area in hotels. Often the dining area relies on tungsten lighting which is not as flattering as open daylight.  The other areas of the hotel are fantastic for light also.  The De Montford suite being of particular note with its huge side window, and then glass separating walls between rooms.